Bibliographic Data Web Service


The UAP Check Bibliographic Data Web Service provides an easy way to integrate a dynamically updated list of theses and scientific papers into any website. The data is managed through a Google Sheet, ensuring that the bibliographic information is current and accurate.

Connect in two steps

To integrate the UAP Check Bibliographic Data Service into your website, follow these steps:

Step 1: Add the Web Service Script

<!-- Container for the Bibliography --> 
<div id="table-container"></div> 
<!-- Bibliographic Data Service Script --> 
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf8" src=""></script> 
<!-- Initialize the table with your specific code --> 
<script> fetchLoadTableScript('UAP-ASKYOURCODE'); </script>

Step 2: Customizing the Script

Replace 'UAP-ASKYOURCODE' with your specific code provided by UAP Check. This code ensures that the correct data is loaded for your website.

Features of the Web Service

  • Pop-ups with Metadata: clicking on a row opens a dialog with detailed metadata (e.g., keywords, abstracts).
  • Export Options: options to export the data to BibTeX.
  • Connection with Zotero: integration with Zotero for managing bibliographic references.
  • Download Options: ability to download documents when possible.
  • Similarity Services: additional services for finding similar documents.

Additional Notes

  • Ensure that your Google Sheet is correctly formatted and accessible by the web service.
  • You may need to configure the permissions of your Google Sheet to allow the service to fetch data.