A Network to Promote Research and Collaboration on UAPs

UAP Check mission involves the education and science community. We aim to demonstrate the availability of tools to study and analyze unknown phenomena, and the importance of entrusting this enigma to scientists. We seek to encourage official institutions to integrate research and study programs on UAP, to share common practices through methodological approach, create an international process to tackle and share efficiently Unknown Phenomena to break the walls of subjectivity.

Focusing on the UAP topic, we aim to develop standards for scientists, investigators, and organizations interested in advancing science. We are diligently working to release a series of web services and tools that will facilitate collaboration and enhance the efforts of the community. All these tools will be open-source and can be used independently or interconnected with each other, allowing coverage of the entire processing chain, from data collection and investigation to scientific analysis. Available for free as plugins for all of our partners and participants we strive to cover all aspects of the information processing chain:

Investigation Process

  • Questionnaire Plugin
  • Cleansing & categorization Services
  • Identification Service + Metrics Measurement

Data-Analysis & Research Process

  • Classification Services (J. Vallée, A. Hynek)
  • Spatial Analysis Services, Temporal Analysis Services
  • Statistics

Data Access & Data-Interoperability

  • Data Standardization
    • Definitions
    • Nomenclatures
    • Metrics
    • Databases collection
    • Questionnaires collection
  • Database Connectors, API
  • Cloud Storage & Workflow Management System
  • Identification Methodology
  • Documentation

Communication & Information

  • Bibliography: Theses & Papers Database
  • Workshops, Conferences and Events around the world
  • Educational Resources
  • Books