UAP Check Team intends to help foster the understanding of UAP, reduce the stigma and raise public awareness on the UAP issue.

Michael Vaillant

President & Founder
Founder of UAP Check, Michael Vaillant is a Data Scientist and consultant specialized in the study of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). He has worked more than 15 years within the French Group of Expertise and Information on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (GEIPAN), part of the French National Space Center (CNES). There, he helped launch the first institutional website in the world about UAP as well as the new official French UAP database and created a methodology and a software to help study the unknown phenomena.

Editorial Board

Pablo Creus

Writer & Reviewer
University student, Pablo Creus studies International Economics and Business. He is currently studying Geopolitics and Geoeconomics. Pablo has been following the UAP phenomenon for 4 years. He manages the X account "UAP Spain"

Thibaut Canuti

Thibaut Canuti is a contemporary historian by training and a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques. He has written several books, including "Un fait maudit" and the two-volume "Histoire de l'ufologie française", has authored numerous articles and has also participated in various conferences. Thibaut is interested in all aspects of the UFO phenomenon and ufology. He serves as editor and writer.

Stephan Buendia

Being passionate about new technologies, and always fascinated by the way they are transforming our world, Stephan is in constant search of knowledge, and strives to stay at the cutting edge of technological advances in order to understand their impact and possibilities.

Gilbert Koeberle

Gilbert is a Retired IP network core technician from Strasbourg who speaks German and English, is interested in science, aviation, astronomy and high-tech technology, and regularly produces 4k video montages.

Sveva Stallone

Born in Milan, Sveva is a professional journalist specializing in ICT, she has worked for various IT publications, directed labor union publications, and was the editor of the recent book series "Space & Science Fiction". Actively interested in ufology since 1980, she has been a member of CISU since 1993 (ordinary member since 1995). Sveva has carried out investigations into various close encounters, especially in Lombardy and she has articles, translations and notes published in the periodicals of the Italian Center for Ufological Studies. She is also passionate about rocketry, aeromodelling, aeronautics, astronomy, astronautics, guitar, bass and SF. She has been a radio amateur since 2014 (IX1SVE/IU4). She's editor of blog magazine Book of Svevanet

Estelle Moutet

With a literary and artistic background, Estelle Moutet is a volunteer proofreader and journalist for UAPcheck.

Boris Taghin

Of Ukrainian-Cameroonian origin, Boris lives in a small village in Seine-et-Marne. After studying Social Psychology at the Sorbonne then an MBA in business school at PAU, he is currently a Consultant in Real Estate/Promotion/Construction and in Business Management/Strategy. He was expatriated for around ten years all over the world, is passionate about aeronautics, astrophysics, gastronomy, finance, IT, Diplomacy, Cinema, Art and Literature.

Jeremy Puech

A self-taught sculptor and prop maker, Jeremy has been studying the UFO/UAP file for several years now, taking an interest in all aspects of the phenomenon.

Arthur Manzinello

Quality engineer in mass distribution, Arthur Manzinello has always been attracted by events/phenomena that we cannot yet explain, with a certain skepticism, but a great open-mindedness.

Matthieu Messonnet

Matthieu Messonnet is a technician in the field of astronomy. He notably participated in the manufacture of an “All Sky” camera used as part of the Galileo project. He also has professional experience in the fields of optics and aeronautics. An amateur astronomer since adolescence, he is passionate about the potential scientific benefits arising from research on UAPs. The UAP phenomenon only reinforces his curiosity and fascination for the nature that surrounds us.

Alexis Druaux

Alexis Druaux is a journalist intrigued by unexplained phenomena for a decade. He believes that UAPs hide an exciting future, and is here to demystify these mysteries. His goal is to find out what we don't yet know, and he is convinced that investigation is the key. “Join me on this adventure, and together, let’s explore the unknown with a conviction that great discoveries await us.”

François Mathieu

Born in 1989, with a diploma in biotechnology, François Mathieu has pursued a career in the crafts, with a passion for history. He has worked in fields such as saddlery, blacksmithing with a specialization in cutlery, jewelry making, armour making and is one of the last people in Europe to know how to make whips. He became interested in uap phenomena as a result of his thirst for knowledge, and considers it the role of every citizen to look into this subject, as exploration is an inherent feature of mankind's great adventure.

Mario Monette

Mario Monette, a native of Quebec, Canada, is a mechanical engineer specializing in the design and integration of mechanical systems. With a passion for science and an inquisitive mind, he is dedicated to understanding how systems work, and to the search for proof, his relentless quest for tangible data fuelling his discoveries.

Paolo Toselli

Paolo Toselli has been actively interested in UFOs since 1973 with a local group, then with Centro Ufologico Nazionale, later with Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici. A field investigator, he has written a few books and several articles. His main interest is presently in psychological, social and cultural issues (eg. UFO image in advertising and music), but he keeps collecting and cataloguing ball lightning reports, university theses about UFOs, local UFO sightings. He is also active in studying contemporary legends.

Advisory board

Franc Milburn

Franc Milburn provides updates and strategic analysis on the UAP Phenomenon and the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) at the US Department of Defense. A former UK Defence Intelligence officer and Army Paratrooper, Franc has over 23 years of experience producing threat and risk assessments for clients operating in hostile environments. He has worked with various Fortune 500, aerospace, and government clients and has written peer-reviewed papers for globally ranked think tanks. Franc is an alumnus of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and the London School of Economics. He is affiliated with several research institutions and is a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

Michael Cifone

Dr. Michael Cifone holds a PhD in philosophy of science. He is the founder and president of the SUAPS (Society for UAP Studies) and of the LIMINA a peer-reviewed academic journal. Its fundamental purpose and most basic intent is to advance the study of unidentified aerospace phenomena to the next level of serious, rigorous, academic scholarship. Michael is a respected educator with editing experience and publishing credits. He has given numerous presentations worldwide and is recognized for his teaching excellence. Dr. Cifone is adept at collecting, analyzing, and presenting information, as well as reporting results. His work has been published in several notable academic and professional journals.

Robert McGwier

Robert McGwier was born in Lebanon, TN, and raised in Southwest Alabama. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics with concentrations in physics and computer science. He has spent time at Virginia Tech, where he was a professor and chief scientist of the Hume Center (now Hume National Security Institute), working in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. McGwier has 27 years of experience working for the intelligence community of the USA. In 2011, he joined the faculty of Virginia Tech and Hume Center. He is also the founder of Federated Wireless, Inc. and Hawkeye 360, Inc. and retired in June 2020.

Culture & Society

Dominique Filhol

Dominique Filhol is a director and screenwriter. Best known for The Nine Billion Names of God (2018), Valensole and Flying Objects: A State Secret (2020).

Sarah Witeneim

Co-founder and Head of International Relations Sarah crossed the seas and oceans as a sailor for 12 years and managed an event agency in Cannes and Monaco. Exposed to the UAP phenomenon at an early age she witnessed a UAP in 2003. Since then she has continued to investigate both in France and in other countries: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, etc. Sarah also investigates the phenomenon of “Crop Circles” inspired by her husband Jonnie Hurn, director of the feature film ”In Circles”.


Nagib Kary

Speaker, Professional Coach, Co-founder of Vertical Project Media in 2018 he has organized numerous events and symposiums around Lyon on themes relating to conscience, quantum physics and spiritu- ality. He has interviwed many personalities (astronauts, intelligence chiefs, best-selling books, etc).


Edoardo Russo

Organizations & Editorial Board
Edoardo Russo has a degree in economics and has worked as a tax consultant and chartered accountant. He has been actively involved in various Italian UFO organizations and has been on the editorial board of several international UFO publications. As a field investigator, Edoardo is author of hundreds of investigations on UFO sightings. As a writer, he published many articles in Italian and international UFO periodicals, as well as several chapters in books on UFOs. He is presently secretary of the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU), MUFON National Director, one of EuroUfo-net coordinators.

Marie-France Barrault

Coordination & Support
Marie-France Barrault is a business marketing engineer at an aeronautics company, and a freelance science journalist. She’s also spent a few months at the CNES, when heavy space launcher Ariane 6 was being designed… And is now helping launch UAP Check, supporting global, marketing and communication strategy. Her motto : “There are plenty of reasons for hope, and that's what keeps me going. Let us dream big !”

Benny Christen Grandahl

Coordination & Support
Benny Christen Grandahl was born in 1964 and has had a keen interest in UFOs since 1974. Over various periods, he has been an active member of SUFOI - Scandinavian UFO Information – from the late 1970s until today. Benny holds a background in technical communication and online marketing. He frequently writes about UFOs in his own publications, as well as in SUFOI's and other Danish media. Additionally, he appears on Danish radio shows and podcasts discussing UFO-related topics.

Bruno Mancusi

Coordination & Support
Born in 1960, Bruno Mancusi holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Lausanne. He has worked for over 30 years in the food industry, in quality control. Active in ufology since 1984, he is a member of CISU, SCEAU, MUFON and EuroUFO. He is a member of the Maison d'Ailleurs (science fiction museum) foundation board. He is also interested in the paranormal, urban legends, history, conspiracies and espionage.

Marcio Parussini

Coordination & Support
Márcio Parussini lives in the city of Porto Alegre and has a degree in business administration. Since a young age, he has always been interested in mysterious themes, science and science fiction. All of this ended up led him to work in ufology. He has been researching the subject since 1997, but it was not until 2008 that he set up his first study group. In 2009 he founded an independent group, still active today, GEUC – GRUPO DE ESTUDOS DE UFOLOGIA CENTÍFICA. He was a consultant for the extinct Brazilian magazine UFO, by the late researcher Ademar Gevaerd. Furthermore, he worked on organizing and holding events in his city, along with other groups in his region and for a few years, they organized an event called – UFOLOGICAL WEEK. Since 2010, he has been carrying out a data collection project from series of cases in his state, Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. He already has more than 1,150 documents, ranging from 1871 to the present day. In addition to his activity as a researcher and ufologist, he also helps other groups and entities with texts and research. In his region, he participates in a group called RUG – Rede de Ufólogos Gaúchos, which mainly works to combat fraud published in the media and social networks. He also helps and publishes texts on Portal Fenomenum, which is an important portal related to UFO themes. The main object of his research is local casuistry. This year 2023 he started writing texts for the Spanish digital magazine – Revista de Ufologia.

Ignacio Cabria

Coordination & Support
Ignacio Cabria was born in Santander in 1955. He graduated in Cultural Anthropology at the Universidad de Barcelona and got a M.A. in International Development and a D.E.A. (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados) in Social Anthropology, both at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has worked in Spanish Embassies and in Cooperation for Development in Mozambique, Argentina, Dominican Republic and the Philippines.

Communication & Marketing

Emmanuel Leriche

Strategy Marketing
President of the Comellink Communications Agency, creative and enthusiastic, he has spent his entire career in the field of communications and marketing strategy, particularly in the digital sector. Passionate about astronomy, planetology, history and geopolitics, he will be taking a particular interest in UAPs in 2020 following a remarkable sighting. He took over the presidency of the "Repas Ufologiques" of Paris in April 2023. Keen to make his own contribution in this field, he joined UAP Check in June 2023.