Who are we?

UAP Check is an international project aimed at raising public awareness about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), fostering interest, and promoting global collaboration. Our goal is to improve outreach efforts, reduce stigma, and provide reliable information about UAP.

Our mission focuses on three main audiences:

  • Firstly, the general public, with the aim of outreaching, reducing prejudice and providing accessible cultural spaces for the public to access information about UAP, with a specific emphasis on engaging young people.
  • Secondly, we aim to raise awareness among political actors about the public interest in UAP and the national security implications associated with it. We strive to bring the discussion to the international, highlighting subjects like the assessment of peace and security implications of UAP incidents, as well as the evaluation and anticipation of societal impacts in the event of possible discoveries related to intelligent signals or exogenous elements.
  • Lastly, supporting Science at heart. Our mission involves the education and science community. With more than 20 years of experience, considering the work done at GEIPAN France, we aim to demonstrate the availability of tools to study and analyze unknown phenomena, and the importance of entrusting this enigma to scientists. We seek to encourage official institutions to integrate research and study programs on UAP, to share common practices through methodological approach, create an international process to tackle and share efficiently Unknown Phenomena to break the walls of subjectivity.

We want to forester to the creation of a new field of Science, the “Science of the Unknown”.

We are not there to centralize knowledge, but to break barriers by supporting the emergence and establishment of international and transdisciplinary research networks among countries worldwide.

We are here for the humanity as a whole and for the people who wants to make things change.

Our Project revolves around six units that align with our mission and vision. These units are divided into two divisions: the first one is focused on and connecting actors and strategic analysis to adjust our action to the continuously evolving landscape, and the other on communication, outreaching and pedagogy.

Strategic Analysis

  • Organizations: we maintain an observatory of organizations with partnerships and advisors, providing activity reports on UP networks worldwide and their ongoing projects.
  • Coordination: this involves organizing UAP-related discussions across various domains, such as associations, policies, science, technologies and culture.
  • Policies: we aim to publish analytical reports on UAP-related laws, reflections, political bodies and their current projects.


  • News & Media: we have a dedicated team of journalists who provide reliable information about UAP. They are using fact-check media sources and create article translations in multiple languages, starting with English and French. This activity is supported by an AI software that automatically aggregates information and provides worldwide news coverage.
  • Technology & Science: this unit focuses on pedagogical information. Through this team a significant focus of our project is on the distribution of an automated investigation software for UAP. We also aim to create a common framework for sharing tools, documentation, knowledge bases, database structures, and educational brochures. Additionally, we will publish dossiers and establish an observatory to track progress in science.
  • Culture & Society: here, we conduct a census of cultural activities related to UAP, including programs, films, books etc. And a comprehensive tour of the world of ongoing events. We will offer resources and will be involved in the realization of exhibition onto the UAP Subject with the aim to produce permanent centers for the public to get information.