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Gilbert Koeberle
15/11/2023 • 8 min

UAP, Black Matter and MOND dilemma

Scientific research is still very fragmented and in a stand still

Baptiste Friscourt
12/11/2023 • 3 min

Representative Asakawa Questions Japan's Minister of Defense on UAPs

On November 9, during a session of the House of Representatives Security Committee, Rep. Yoshiharu Asakawa urged the Ministry of Defense to consider establishing an official UFO study group in Japan.

Gilbert Koeberle
12/11/2023 • 10 min

Will the scientific community start studying UAP seriously ?

An interview with Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Avi Loeb by Dr. Brian Keating

Jeremy Puech
12/11/2023 • 4 min

Potential UAP interception above the Arctic Circle

Ross Coulthart revealed new information regarding the UAP incursions in the U.S. Airspace that occurred in February.

Stephan Buendia
11/11/2023 • 5 min

Vandenberg’s “Red Square”

Former Military Personnel Claims UFO Incident at Sensitive U.S. Launch Base

Arthur Manzinello
09/11/2023 • 6 min

Warp Speed : The Alcubierre metric and the work of Dr. Harold G. "Sonny" White

Alcubierre's metric or propulsion system is a mathematical model devised by physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994 that would make it possible to travel faster than the speed of light without breaking the laws of physics.

Baptiste Friscourt
02/11/2023 • 5 min

The Pentagon launches a “secure mechanism for authorized reporting of unidentified anomalous phenomena”

The U.S. Department of Defense is launching an official website for UAP reports, but it's not what you think, and it's not for everyone.

Pentagon Launches Secure Reporting Mechanism for U.S. Personnel with Knowledge of Government UAP Programs
Pentagon Confirms Retirement of AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick

Baptiste Friscourt
27/10/2023 • 7 min

Classified Briefing : Congressional Frustration Over Lack of UFO Disclosure

In response to the persistent demand from the House Representatives, members of the legislative body gained access to an interview with the Inspector General of the Department of Defense concerning the four-year investigation carried out by the whistleblower David Grusch.

Gilbert Koeberle
26/10/2023 • 10 min

Is Avi Loeb in possession of interstellar materials of technological origin?

Avi Loeb, Harvard Professor of Astronomy, has published over 700 scientific papers backed by numerous astronomers, and is increasingly present on the media, with videos that have been viewed over 10 million times.

Stephan Buendia
26/10/2023 • 5 min

Astronomical Anomaly: The Puzzling Case of Three Ephemeral Luminous Sources

Diving into the mystery of transient astronomical phenomena.

Baptiste Friscourt
25/10/2023 • 11 min

Claims of a Covert Advisory Committee Supporting the US Government's UFO Research Team

According to Matt Ford, content producer for political campaigns and host of the Good Trouble Show, the UFO study group under the leadership of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has established a secret advisory committee.

Most UFO reports likely to have 'ordinary' explanations

Baptiste Friscourt
19/10/2023 • 8 min

Insights from the UFO Report: Potentially Intercepting and Recovering Unidentified Objects

A new unclassified report published in the United States by the highest authorities in Defense and Intelligence provides new insights into how the world's first superpower plans to manage the challenges posed by UFOs.

Baptiste Friscourt
18/10/2023 • 8 min

U.S. Representatives May Receive Secret Briefings on UFO Whistleblower Information

Whistleblower David Grusch may finally be able to indirectly reveal who is running the alleged non-human craft recovery program to U.S. Representatives, but the public may not have the “need to know”.

Baptiste Friscourt
17/10/2023 • 10 min

New statements from the former heads of the Defense Intelligence Agency's paranormal research group

Following the publication of their new book "Initial Revelations", Dr. James Lacatski and Dr. Colm Kelleher answered questions from Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp.

Baptiste Friscourt
15/10/2023 • 9 min

A French minister discusses UFOs

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, French Minister Delegate for Industry Roland Lescure responded to a public question about UFOs. His answer raised eyebrows, but may have revealed an intriguing point.

Thibaut Canuti
08/10/2023 • 15 min

2017's Journalistic Bombshell

The genesis of a disclosure in progress, part 4

Sébastien Raoult
06/10/2023 • 8 min

Panic in the skies

In early February 2023, a media frenzy was caused by a spectacular video of a Chinese stratospheric balloon, shot down by an American jet fighter. In total, four objects flying in American airspace were neutralized. Three of which remain officially unidentified.

Baptiste Friscourt
06/10/2023 • 5 min

Harvard’s Dr. Avi Loeb to reverse-engineer space debris

Since June 14, Harvard’s Dr. Avi Loeb has been looking for interstellar remnants of object IM1, and has discovered intriguing debris on the ocean’s floor that could be of extraterrestrial origin.

Pablo Creus
05/10/2023 • 5 min

What are the next developments to be expected in the official disclosure of the UFO/UAP phenomenon?

Public exposure of new first-hand witnesses, unclassified report from the Pentagon's UFO Office (AARO) to be released in the coming weeks, a second UAP/UFO Hearing organised by Congressmen and Senators

Baptiste Friscourt
02/10/2023 • 6 min

Former admiral speaks out on UAP

Tim Gallaudet, CEO of Ocean STL and a former admiral, spoke at the SCU conference about his discovery of a geological anomaly near Catalina Island, whistleblower David Grusch, and AARO's director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick