Our Editorial Selection

Ole Brænne
08/04/2024 • 5 min

Norwegian UFO archives declassified

A journalist obtained the declassification of Norwegian UFO archives from the High Command of the Armed Forces

Sansom Mawulolo Ahlijah
03/04/2024 • 7 min

Seen from elsewhere: what lessons should Africa learn from the European Union’s approach to the UFO issue?

In Africa, as elsewhere, UFO sightings have multiplied over the past few years. If the continent is not much in the news on this front, it is partly because of a lack of interest among intellectuals in the UFO question

Edoardo Russo
30/03/2024 • 2 min

UPIAR: First peer-reviewed UFO journal collection available

UFO Phenomena International Annual Review: an historical collection of the first scientific UFO periodical now downloadable

Edoardo Russo
21/03/2024 • 7 min

European Commission Event on UAP – The Historical EU Context

On March 20, a long-awaited meeting was held at the European Parliament to present the UFO/UAP phenomenon and reasons for an interest and involvement of European institutions, coordinated by Portuguese MEP Francisco Guerreiro.

Andreas Müller
16/03/2024 • 6 min

Resolution on a European regulation for UFO investigation submitted to the EU Parliament

Portuguese EuroParliament member Francisco Guerreiro now formally submitted a resolution proposal for the civil reporting, collection, and evaluation of UAP sightings

Marco Orlandi
10/03/2024 • 3 min

New Book on Aerial UFO Encounters

Here comes the fifth book in a series by British author Graeme Rendall about UFO sighting reports by pilots, examined from an aviation history perspective

Chris Rutkowski
09/03/2024 • 5 min

Results of the 2023 Canadian UFO Survey

The annual Canadian UFO Survey shows that sightings continue to be reported in Canada at a significant rate: 570 reports coast to coast. during 2023

Ole Brænne
07/03/2024 • 9 min

A Ghost Rocket Found in a Norwegian Lake?

"Ghost rocket" sightings were even stranger than UFOs. And when one was reported as fallen into a Norwegian frozen lake, the only thing to do is to go and search for it, even after 76 years.

Andreas Müller
04/03/2024 • 3 min

Italian Air Force Releases UFO Annual Report 2023

Since 1978, the Italian Air Force has been investigating sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and has been publishing annual reports and their investigations on 2001.

Bruno Mancusi
03/03/2024 • 2 min

French GEIPAN has got a new Director: Frédéric Courtade

Long gone are the days when a Jean-Jacques Velasco could stay at the helm of GEPAN/SEPRA for 22 years...

Stefano Innocenti
02/03/2024 • 3 min

Ufo in Rome:  a New Book about UFO sighting Reports from the “Eternal City”

The latest book by Rome ufologist Francesca Bittarello is titled “UFOs in Rome” and is devoted entirely to sighting reports that occurred within the Italian capital town territory in the second half of the Twentieth Century.

Jochen Ickinger
28/02/2024 • 9 min

UAP in the European Parliament - Part 2

The UFO subject has recently returned at the European Parliament, but that's not a new fact. Such an interaction has had its ups and downs from more than 30 years. This is the full story (Part 2)

Jochen Ickinger
27/02/2024 • 17 min

UAP in the European Parliament - Part 1

The UFO subject has recently returned at the European Parliament, but that's not a new fact. Such an interaction has had its ups and downs from more than 30 years. This is the full story (Part 1)

Stavros Hatzopoulos
24/02/2024 • 3 min

The First Issue of Limina – a Scientific  Journal of UAP studies

Here comes the long-expected first issue of the new peer-reviewed journal by SUAPS (the Society for UAP Studies)

Hansjürgen Köhler
22/02/2024 • 2 min

More than 800 Reports Received by CENAP (Germany) in 2023

The highest number of incoming UFO sighting reports in three years has been collected by a German organization during 2023

GianPaolo Grassino
21/02/2024 • 3 min

The history of Spanish ufology in the letters between Antonio Ribera and Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos

A huge book collection of a 30 years long correspondence by the father of Spanish ufology

Frederick Delaere
17/02/2024 • 2 min

Belgian UFO hotline 2023 Annual Report

Belgisch UFO-meldpunt has been collecting UFO reports from the Flemish part of Belgium since 2007.

Ulrich Magin
12/02/2024 • 4 min

Flying Saucers from Naziland?

A new book about the myth of alleged saucer-shaped Nazist crafts or weapons

Estelle Moutet
31/01/2024 • 11 min

Valensole Film: Dominique Filhol Interview

Dominique Filhol is a director and screenwriter. "Valensole" is his first feature film. Valensole is the name of a famous French case, the intimate story of Maurice Masse, who claims to have had an encounter with extraterrestrials on 1 July 1965.

Baptiste Friscourt
16/01/2024 • 3 min

UFOs in Africa, encounters and aftermath

For the release of the English translation of his book "the UFO Issue In Central Africa", Jann Halexander talks with UAPCheck News in an exclusive interview