Matthieu Messonnet
01/12/2023 • 5 min

AI-Generated Art for Interstellar Communication

Would Art be a powerful enough tool to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers between interstellar civilizations? #Cinema

ANDREW DEMILLO Associated Press
13/11/2023 • 2 min

Book Review: 'UFO' is a detailed look at the history of the search for the truth that's out there

Garrett M #Book

MJ Banias
08/11/2023 • 5 min

Exoplanet Hunters May Have Better Luck Searching for “Jurassic Worlds”

Exoplanet #Podcast

Michelle Butterfield
30/10/2023 • 31 min

Haunted Canada

Check out these tails of creepy, unexplained happenings, coast to coast to coast. #Television #Tourism #Museum

Samantha Mathewson
22/10/2023 • 3 min

Scientists bury time capsule to celebrate upcoming Extremely Large Telescope (photos)

The European Southern Observatory's Extremely Large Telescope will come online in 2028. #Television

Lasers cut through star trails in beautiful photo from the European Southern Observatory
Einstein cross!
Very Large Telescope surprisingly finds exoplanet lurking in 3-body star system

Jeff Spry
19/10/2023 • 3 min

Astronauts embark on a surreal survival odyssey in new series 'Scavengers Reign' (exclusive)

An exclusive interview with Joe Bennet, co-creator and director of the new animated series "Scavengers Reign" that follows a group of astronauts stranded on a strange alien world. #Television

Jeff Spry
18/10/2023 • 3 min

NBC's 'Quantum Leap' hops back in time to investigate UFOs in this week's spooky episode

A review of this week's 'Quantum Leap' episode, 'Closure Encounters,' which takes Ben Song back to 1949 New Mexico to investigate UFO sightings. #Television

Katrina Miller, Edgar Sandoval, Zolan Kanno-Youngs
13/10/2023 • 18 min

Get Ready for the ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse This Saturday

The moon will slip in front of the sun, leaving a fiery orange rim in the sky that will be visible for just a few minutes. #Tourism

Nathaniel Janowitz
13/10/2023 • 5 min

WTF Is Going on With the Mysterious Connection Between UFOs and Water?

The third episode of VICE Studios' Netflix docuseries #Studio

Sharmila Kuthunur
12/10/2023 • 3 min

1st evidence of giant exoplanet collision afterglow explains unusual eclipse

Astronomers have observed two super-Earths colliding in a faraway system for the first time, suggesting such violent impacts are not limited to very young cosmic neighborhoods. #Television

KRYSTA FAURIA Associated Press
11/10/2023 • 4 min

Horror icon John Carpenter on being a college dropout

While John Carpenter has become synonymous with fictional horror storytelling, the 75-year-old director is dipping his toe into true life terrors with his new show, “John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams.” #Television #Cinema

Tyler Rogoway
10/10/2023 • 38 min

We Go In-Depth With The Navy'

From being a Blue Angel to leading a Navy squadron into battle to flying stunts for Top Gun: Maverick, Scott Kartvedt has stories to tell. #Television

Nathaniel Janowitz
06/10/2023 • 5 min

A 1994 UFO Sighting by Children Changed Lives. What If This Guy Made It Up?

The second episode of VICE Studios' Netflix series #Studio

Jeff Spry
05/10/2023 • 3 min

Watch the trailer for surreal space exploration survival game 'The Alters' (video)

Polish gaming studio 11 Bit shared a new character reveal trailer for their upcoming space exploration survival game "The Alters." #Studio

Micah Hanks
05/10/2023 • 11 min

New Data Reveals Doomsday Worries of Americans

The results are in, and they cast a bleak picture of American attitudes when it comes to potential doomsday scenarios in the immediate future. #Television #Podcast