Boris Taghin
01/12/2023 • 14 min

A coming revolution?

About humanity's shift towards a new vision of the universe and its place in this new reality. #Discovery #Science #Study #Research #Technology

Stephan Buendia
01/12/2023 • 6 min

Should you remain passive to detect UAP?

Lessons to be learned from the Nimitz incident around UAP detection #Detection

Matthieu Messonnet
01/12/2023 • 5 min

AI-Generated Art for Interstellar Communication

Would Art be a powerful enough tool to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers between interstellar civilizations? #Discovery #Research #Technology #Detection

François Mathieu
28/11/2023 • 9 min

The Avrocar: between Science and Geopolitics in the Cold War Era

In the annals of aviation history, the Avrocar still stands as a symbol of ambition and innovation

Baptiste Friscourt
26/11/2023 • 6 min

AARO Director Fails to Obtain Nimitz Case Data

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick revealed the limitations of the UFO study office within the Department of Defense. #Study

Arthur Manzinello
25/11/2023 • 23 min

Hypotheses on the Technology of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena

Physicist and research engineer Philippe Guillemant has presented his hypotheses on the technology of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, or UAP, at the ECHO EVENT congress. #Research #Technology

Thibaut Canuti
24/11/2023 • 10 min

The Nimitz UFO Incident

The genesis of a disclosure in progress, Part 3 #Research

Baptiste Friscourt
23/11/2023 • 5 min

U.S. Department of Defense holds press conference on UAP

During a press conference, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick contradicted former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe regarding the recording of images showing UAPs captured by satellites. #Study #Research #Technology #Detection

Gilbert Koeberle
15/11/2023 • 8 min

UAP, Black Matter and MOND dilemma

Scientific research is still very fragmented and in a stand still #Science #Research

Ross Douthat
15/11/2023 • 10 min

Where Does Religion Come From?

How do you get from the desire for meaning or the fear of death to the specific content of religious belief? #Discovery #Science #Technology

Jeremy Puech
14/11/2023 • 10 min

The Problem With UFO Cults

The subject of UFOs has been back in the spotlight in recent months. But with so many conflicting points of view on the subject and so many experts arguing over its reality, how can you make sense of it all? #Discovery #Science #Study

SETI Institute
14/11/2023 • 3 min

Franck Marchis of SETI Institute Honored as 2023 Fellow by California Academy of Sciences

November 14, 2023, Mountain View, CA - Dr. Franck Marchis, a senior planetary astronomer at the SETI Institute, was appointed as a 2023 Fellow by the California Academy of Sciences (Cal Academy). Recognized for his exceptional contributions to the natural sciences, Marchis joins a distinguished group of scientists, including other notable SETI Institute Fellows of Cal Academy, such as Dr. Jill Tarter, Dr. Nathalie Cabrol, Dr. Seth Shostak, and Trustee Andrew Fraknoi.

Pascal Lee Awarded the 2023 Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization

Baptiste Friscourt
12/11/2023 • 3 min

Representative Asakawa Questions Japan's Minister of Defense on UAPs

On November 9, during a session of the House of Representatives Security Committee, Rep. Yoshiharu Asakawa urged the Ministry of Defense to consider establishing an official UFO study group in Japan. #Study

Gilbert Koeberle
12/11/2023 • 10 min

Will the scientific community start studying UAP seriously ?

An interview with Dr. Garry Nolan and Dr. Avi Loeb by Dr. Brian Keating #Science #Study

MJ Banias
08/11/2023 • 5 min

Exoplanet Hunters May Have Better Luck Searching for “Jurassic Worlds”

Exoplanet #Discovery #Study #Technology #Detection

SETI Institute
08/11/2023 • 4 min

$200m Gift Propels Scientific Research in the Search for Life Beyond Earth

November 8, 2023, Mountain View, CA – The SETI Institute, a non-profit scientific research organization, announced today a philanthropic gift of $200m from the estate of Franklin Antonio, a visionary supporter and catalyst of the work of the SETI Institute for more than 12 years. Co-founder of communications chip company, Qualcomm, Antonio passed away on May 13, 2022, leaving behind an extraordinary legacy to enable breakthrough science in the search for intelligent life beyond our world.  #Science #Research

Sean Munger
02/11/2023 • 11 min

Regulation vs. Eminent Domain

An attorney explores the ethical, legal, and practical challenges that may be associated with the current language that appears in the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023. #Discovery #Science #Research #Technology

Beth Johnson
30/10/2023 • 4 min

“The Big One”

The ground shakes. Paintings tilt. Walls crack. Rubble may fall. On Earth, we understand how and where these events happen due to the discovery of plate tectonics – the continental crust’s creation, movement, and destruction. However, when astronauts placed seismometers on the lunar surface during NASA’s Apollo mission era, those instruments recorded quakes on the Moon. In the 1970s, the Viking landers also recorded quakes on the surface of Mars. Since neither of these worlds has plate tectonics, scientists #Discovery

Baptiste Friscourt
27/10/2023 • 9 min

A French minister discusses UFOs

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, French Minister Delegate for Industry Roland Lescure responded to a public question about UFOs. His answer raised eyebrows, but may have revealed an intriguing point. #Discovery #Study #Research

Gilbert Koeberle
26/10/2023 • 10 min

Is Avi Loeb in possession of interstellar materials of technological origin?

Avi Loeb, Harvard Professor of Astronomy, has published over 700 scientific papers backed by numerous astronomers, and is increasingly present on the media, with videos that have been viewed over 10 million times. #Science #Technology #Astronomy

Stephan Buendia
26/10/2023 • 5 min

Astronomical Anomaly: The Puzzling Case of Three Ephemeral Luminous Sources

Diving into the mystery of transient astronomical phenomena. #Discovery #Study #Research #Technology #Detection

SETI Institute
26/10/2023 • 4 min

SETI Institute Artist-in-Residence Daniela De Paulis to Receive 2023 Europlanet Prize for Public Engagement

Daniela de Paulis is honored for her work bringing space and planetary science to international audiences.

Baptiste Friscourt
25/10/2023 • 11 min

Claims of a Covert Advisory Committee Supporting the US Government's UFO Research Team

According to Matt Ford, content producer for political campaigns and host of the Good Trouble Show, the UFO study group under the leadership of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has established a secret advisory committee. #Study #Research

Most UFO reports likely to have 'ordinary' explanations

SETI Institute
23/10/2023 • 5 min

New exoplanet-informed research sets clearer bounds on the search for radio technosignatures

A new study leverages the NASA Exoplanet Archive and planetary system simulations to make narrowband SETI searches more efficient. #Study #Research

Samantha Mathewson
22/10/2023 • 3 min

Scientists bury time capsule to celebrate upcoming Extremely Large Telescope (photos)

The European Southern Observatory's Extremely Large Telescope will come online in 2028. #Science #Technology

Lasers cut through star trails in beautiful photo from the European Southern Observatory
Einstein cross!
Very Large Telescope surprisingly finds exoplanet lurking in 3-body star system

Luke Keller
20/10/2023 • 7 min

Astronomers have learned lots about the universe − but how do they study astronomical objects too distant to visit?

What astronomers can measure using telescopes is not what we really want to know – instead, we calculate the properties we're interested in studying by observing and interpreting apparent properties from afar. #Study

Nathaniel Janowitz
20/10/2023 • 4 min

Why Do UFO Sightings Keep Happening Near Nuclear Sites?

From the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant after a disaster to a U.S. missile base, UFOs have a concerning affinity for nuclear-based sites. #Research

Monisha Ravisetti
19/10/2023 • 5 min

James Webb Space Telescope spots jet stream on Jupiter stronger than a Category 5 hurricane

The JWST's perspective on our solar system has offered us the 1st evidence of a superfast Jovian jet stream. #Discovery #Study #Research #Astronomy #Detection

James Webb Space Telescope's stunning mosaic of Orion Nebula uncovers rogue planets
Stunning James Webb Space Telescope image shows young star blasting supersonic jets

Jeff Spry
19/10/2023 • 3 min

Astronauts embark on a surreal survival odyssey in new series 'Scavengers Reign' (exclusive)

An exclusive interview with Joe Bennet, co-creator and director of the new animated series "Scavengers Reign" that follows a group of astronauts stranded on a strange alien world. #Technology

Baptiste Friscourt
19/10/2023 • 8 min

Insights from the UFO Report: Potentially Intercepting and Recovering Unidentified Objects

A new unclassified report published in the United States by the highest authorities in Defense and Intelligence provides new insights into how the world's first superpower plans to manage the challenges posed by UFOs. #Science #Study #Research #Detection