Boris Taghin
01/12/2023 • 14 min

A coming revolution?

About humanity's shift towards a new vision of the universe and its place in this new reality. #Congress #Senate #Presidence

Arthur Manzinello
09/11/2023 • 5 min

Warp Speed : The Alcubierre metric and the work of Dr. Harold G. "Sonny" White

Alcubierre's metric or propulsion system is a mathematical model devised by physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994 that would make it possible to travel faster than the speed of light without breaking the laws of physics. #Laws

Sean Munger
02/11/2023 • 11 min

Regulation vs. Eminent Domain

An attorney explores the ethical, legal, and practical challenges that may be associated with the current language that appears in the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023. #Congress #Senate #Laws

John Priestland
02/11/2023 • 10 min

Why Is the United Kingdom So Far Behind on UAP Policy?

Now is the time for the UK Government to adopt a more transparent approach on UAPs to foster understanding and support affected individuals.

Baptiste Friscourt
27/10/2023 • 9 min

A French minister discusses UFOs

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, French Minister Delegate for Industry Roland Lescure responded to a public question about UFOs. His answer raised eyebrows, but may have revealed an intriguing point. #Congress #Senate #Presidence #Democrats #Laws

Baptiste Friscourt
27/10/2023 • 7 min

Classified Briefing : Congressional Frustration Over Lack of UFO Disclosure

In response to the persistent demand from the House Representatives, members of the legislative body gained access to an interview with the Inspector General of the Department of Defense concerning the four-year investigation carried out by the whistleblower David Grusch. #Congress

Micah Hanks
19/10/2023 • 10 min

New U.S. Government Report Details Latest Findings in the Pentagon’s Investigations of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

A report detailing the DoD's latest findings in its investigations into unidentified anomalous phenomena has been delivered to Congress. #Congress

Brandi Vincent
19/10/2023 • 5 min

DOD’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office is now investigating more than 800 UAP cases

DefenseScoop obtained AARO’s latest report to Congress before its release late Wednesday. #Congress

DOD invites past and present military personnel and contractors to report UAP activity via new portal

Thibaut Canuti
08/10/2023 • 15 min

2017's Journalistic Bombshell

The genesis of a disclosure in progress, part 4 #Congress #Senate #Presidence #Democrats #Laws

Sébastien Raoult
06/10/2023 • 8 min

Panic in the skies

In early February 2023, a media frenzy was caused by a spectacular video of a Chinese stratospheric balloon, shot down by an American jet fighter. In total, four objects flying in American airspace were neutralized. Three of which remain officially unidentified. #Congress #Senate #Presidence #Republicans

Pablo Creus
05/10/2023 • 5 min

What are the next developments to be expected in the official disclosure of the UFO/UAP phenomenon?

Public exposure of new first-hand witnesses, unclassified report from the Pentagon's UFO Office (AARO) to be released in the coming weeks, a second UAP/UFO Hearing organised by Congressmen and Senators #Senate