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Exhibition: UFOs IN AFRICA, from July 2 to 7, 2024, Galerie Echomusée, Paris 18

Organized by UAP Africa, represented by Jann Halexander (Gabon/France) and Samson Mawulolo Ahlijah (Togo), in collaboration with UAP Check, this first exhibition will be held at Galerie Echomusée, Paris for 5 days from July 2, 2024, to July 7, 2024, in a popular neighborhood of the 18th arrondissement.

Discover exclusive testimonies and engage in discussions with witnesses, authors, artists, and researchers. The event will take place in a friendly and accessible space, decorated in a typically African ambiance. Although the UFO phenomenon is not widely publicized in Africa, the testimonies that emerge from this continent, rich in millennia of history and multicultural traditions, are particularly remarkable. This exhibition therefore offers a new perspective on these mysteries, questioning the potential link between the cradle of humanity and the possible extraterrestrial origins of unidentified aerial phenomena.

Africa, the cradle of humanity at the heart of the UFO phenomenon

What if Africa, the cradle of humanity, was also the cradle of UFOs? Is there a cosmic link between the first humanoids and these mysterious phenomena?

Tickets can be reserved on billetreduc for €5, or directly on-site for €6.


  • Galerie Echomusée,
  • 21 rue Cave 75018 Paris


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